Littera French tuition for adults and children (French-speaking and foreign) in Pully

French tuition provided by a French tuition specialist, who is an expert in the exams at all levels of French as a Foreign Language (FLE) of the DELF / DALF

Private or group French tuition

We offer French tuition prepared individually by the teacher and corresponding to the practical needs of students, notably at the level of topics addressed in class

Preparation for French diplomas

During our sessions, we address the topics that enable you to prepare for foreign language exams, which comply with the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference (CECR) according to a scale of 6 levels


Learn French at your own pace and tailored to your  objectives

DELF / DALF and FIDE - preparation for the diplomas in French language study 

French tuition, qualifications, diploma preparation – Littera – PDELF + Swiss exam fide
French Language Diploma 

  • Levels A1-A2
  • Levels B1-B2

Advanced French Language Diploma        

  • Levels C1 and C2

Other courses

In addition to preparation for diplomas, we also offer the following courses:

  • Refresher course in spelling, reading, grammar, writing and speaking
  • Conversation and study of literary works
  • Business French and commercial correspondence
  • Courses for teenagers (compulsory schooling) and children 
  • Courses for high school and secondary school students

Teaching method

Some information about our courses 

  • Preparation of courses: The courses are prepared individually by the teacher 
  • Teaching: The teaching is provided on a one-to-one basis with the teacher. Audio-visual methods are used as part of the preparation for certain oral exams and if they provide real added value for the student
  • Topics: The topics addressed must fulfil the practical needs of students 
  • Discussions: Discussions are focused on a specific issue. Students do not waste their time on sterile discussions

Private or group tuition

Private tuition: the objectives, methods and educational tools are freely chosen after discussion with the teacher

Group tuition: four conditions must be met for the group course to be successful:

1. Start on a level playing field

2. All participants available at the times fixed by common agreement for periods of 3 months 

3. Even progression 

4. Mutual understanding and respect within the group

Absences cannot be taken into consideration when billing group courses in the interest of fairness in relation to regular participants.

Practical information